Monday, August 13, 2012


unlike some  hicks from backwater texas that are complete poser wannabees who like to give oral to the man known as chris nolan! im a REAL batman fan not some bitch who claims hes a grown man but sounds like he hasnt grown in his pubes  yet, but i digress. i  am a REAL  TRUE LIFELONG BATMAN fan a REAL BATMAN fan is Someone who accepts  Robin and EMBRACES him as part of the ENTIRE BATMAN Mythology not just in comics like some idiots! so if your a hick from backwater texas DONT READ ON because you Will get OFFENDED and severely butthurt!(fyi your really not a man anyway dude lol) unlike the pathetic wannabee whos name dare not be spoken. WARNER BROS you definitley need  to Make the Justice leauge Live ACtion movie its been a LONg time coming, and you have  made us wait long enough, and Yes MAINSTREAM Do care about a Live action  JLA MOvie! even the mainstream who have NEVER read comics,  have grew up on Superfreinds and JUSTICE LEAUGE  & JUSTICE LEAUGE UNLIMITED ANIMATED SERIES have been wanting  a Justice leauge live action movie for a while now. i dont subscribe to the fact at ALL that you have to do it the MARVEL way and put each solo Character out firs.t i actually dont mind if you do the reverse!.BATMAN is one of the Founding members of the JLA Along with SUPERMAN WONDERWOMAN FLASH AND AQUAMAN and MARTIANMANHUNTER and he should definitley be in this movie. the Solo batman shtick is getting old lately. and  i think Batman darkness Clashes and contrasts Perfectly with the Justice Leauge just as it does with Robin. Batman has thrived and been a part of JLA and team ups for Many years and it only makes him stronger. time to do away with the Law and order mafia story batman  thats Some weakling poser baclwater texas morons whos name rhymes with PET loves. and give us the real BATMAN the batman  of the comic books and the animated series that Paul  Dini and Bruce timm right a mix of the batman from batman 89  and the AWESOME FILM BATMAN RETURNS mixed with the batman of BATMAN FOREVER and the Animated Series, the TRUE Batman that has INTEGRITY and willing to have a PARTNER and WORK WITH A TEAM! while still being  Serious. not the idiot that the sad losers on Nolan On film circlejerk to they praise a BATMAN thats a bitch and would give up 1 year into his career and retire for 8 years! and that Stupid wannabee Poser Calls that the DEFINITIVE BATMAN? lol proof right there that Nolan on film consists of a bunch of idiots that know jack shit about BATMAN! WARNER BROS PUT JUSTICE LEAUGE LIVE ACTION FILM INTO PRODUCTION FOR THE REAL BATMAN AND SUPERMAN Fans. the Posers have theyre fake Batman uh NOLANMAN. we want the REAL BATMAN THATS PART OF THE JLA!


  1. Yeah when some of these lousy nolanites say that nolan films are better than batman '89 and all the rest of the superhero films. which is I know is bullshit. Thats one thing. BUT when comes to them having the damn nerve in saying the dark knight movies are better than Superman '78 and is outdated, THATS CROSSING THE LINE! IT'S NOT BETTER THAN SUPERMAN '78! It is clear they do NOT have any conception of what a good superhero movie really is. It is NOT outdated. Superman the movie is not only a Legend, but a TIMELESS CLASSIC!!! I mean, what they said was not only dumb but that was crossing the line. Are they crazy? are they blind or are they just plain ol' stupid?

    First off, they don't know what in god's name of what their talking about.
    Second, they have been sucking on nolan's balls too long lol And third, they should have their brains bashed in with a shovel for syaing such ignorance A REAL comic book fan would have enough decent common sense to know for a fact, that Superman the movie is and will ALWAYS be the father of ALL superhero films!!!!

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