Wednesday, August 15, 2012


 hi folks Andrew here, today officially kicking off the #SAYYES2JUSTICELEAGUEMOVIE  CAMPAIGN because  WARNER BROS NEEDS TO Know this is the movie that COMICBOOK FANS & MAINSTREAM have wanted or years despite what some backwards idiots think. the MAJORITY is Welcoming to the Idea of a NEW JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE AND A NEW BATMAN thats way more accurate to the comics mythos then nolan ever was. that is ok with Teamwork having a Partner named robin or Batgirl and that is part of a GREATER DC SHARED UNIVERSE! WB THE FANS ARE READY FOR THE JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE! JUST MAKE IT GOOD AND MAKE IT HAPPEN! and warner bros it can be SERIOUS YET Fantastical at the same time NOTHINg like the DARK Knight! Put all characters like BATMAN SUPERMAN AQUAMAN WONDERWOMAN GREEN LANTERN ( i dont mind if RYAN REYNOLDS RETURNS AS GL!) MUST BE IN IT! it  must NOT BE COMPROMISED TO FIT INTO THE REAL WORLD! thats where it will fail! WB DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE! and BY THE WAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY mr BEN AFFLECK and many more! you turn the big 40 today! Please give yourself a birthday gift and Sign to JLA on the dotted Line! and  i think you would be an excellent brucewayne/batman! and ma remember all you guys on twitterverse make it trend! #SAYYES2JUSTICELEAGUEMOVIE


  1. Happy birthday to Ben Affleck. I love Cyborg's appearance. Superman's costume is too cyber-based. I love his original costume. Batman's armor looks neat. Wonder Woman's looks okay. GL Hal looks great including Flash.

    I want a great JL movie with a different and new plot. If this film fails, it is best to have new superhero films outside of DC and Marvel. I have mine planned and the original story is on wiki novelas (VX Super Force).

    JL is an amazing team.

  2. YES! BRILLANT CAMPAGIN! I can't wait for JLA Movie!