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EXCLUSIVE: Batman and Robin Movie May Be Next from DC Comics' New 52

BREAKIING NEWS courtesy of movieWEB!

EXCLUSIVE: Batman and Robin Movie May Be Next from DC Comics' New 52

The New 52's Batman and Robin may be heading to the big screen
The New 52's Batman and Robin may be heading to the big screen
Even though The Dark Knight Rises is still in the midst of principle photography, it hasn't stopped fans from speculating on where this franchise may go after director Christopher Nolan completes his trilogy. There's been rumors that another big name director may step in and create an all-new trilogy from scratch, and that Bruce Wayne may also lead a TV series sometime in the near future.

No one in the Bat camp is talking at this point. And it's all conjecture until the powers that be reveal their secret plans for keeping the Batman franchise afloat. Today, however, we did get a hint at the direction Bruce Wayne's cinematic side may take after The Dark Knight Rises plays out at theaters.

Executive producer and Batman rights holder Michael E. Uslan, who took the rights in 1979 and has worked on both the 80s Batman series, as well as Christopher Nolan's trilogy, has released a great new book titled The Boy Who Loved Batman, which recounts his trials and tribulations in bringing a more serious comic book franchise to the big screen. We recently chatted with Michael about both his book and the upcoming movie. He was rather stoic when questions concerning the future of The Dark Knight arose, but he did drop a subtle hint that the next incarnation of Batman on the big screen may be based on DC Comics recently launched New 52 title Batman and Robin.

Here is what he had to say when asked what the future held for Batman on the big screen.

"The only thing I would direct your attention to is the new comic books. The comic books have kept this character vital, and intriguing, for seventy-two years. We are all still going back every Wednesday to see what's new. I think the character is that vital and that sustaining. He is going to be around for a long time to come."

The New 52's Batman and Robin finds Bruce Wayne teaming up with his son Damien, who takes over the mantel of Robin from Dick Grayson. The pair must fight a mysterious killer in an owl skull mask who turns out to have a vendetta against the entire Wayne family that dates back for centuries, and calls the soul of Gotham City into play. The first issue is on stands now, and Michael E. Uslan talked about the importance of a good, strong villain.

" The Stan Lee theory (is something) I adhere by thoroughly. Stan Lee says that heroes will only be popular and have longevity if their super villains are great. They are only as good as their super villains. It's only the villains that really define them at the end of the day. Batman, inarguably, has the greatest rogues gallery of supervillains ever created in comics. The comics have been coming out every Wednesday since 1939. The credit has to go to the creators. The Artists. The Writers. The Editors. The publishers. The people that have been bringing us Batman now for 72 years. They get us to come back every single week. They are keeping us intrigued. They are keeping us interested. The characters continue to evolve. We want to follow. We want to know what happens next. Is every storyline in 72 years great? No. But they really try. They try to innovate. They sometimes try gimmicks that work for a while, and don't work...But at the end of the day, there have been so many great stories about this great character, and the whole family of Batman characters, that I don't think its popularity is every going to diminish."

We also talked to Michael E. Uslan about the rumors of a new Batman TV series. He remained tightlipped, saying only this.

"The only thing I am looking forward to right now is July 20th, with The Dark Knight Rises in theaters, and October 18th of this year, with Batman: Year One, the animated movie, coming out direct to DVD and Blu-ray."

For more about The Dark Knight Rises and the future of the Batman franchise, be sure to read our entire interview with Michael E. Uslan coming soon.

The Dark Knight Rises comes to theaters July 20th, 2012 and stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film is directed by Christopher Nolan

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Dark Knight rises dialouge from new unseen trailer ? possible robin to batman dialouge?!

  some new diaolouge from the dark knight rises dialouge has been leaked  from warner bros Dc forums !!and there are MANY spoilers in it!! judge for yourself!! Morgan
"I've seen this man face fear itself, take on the embodiment of madness. Whatever monster could do this to him I fear we have dark time ahead of us."

Commisioner Gordon:
"He didn't unleash an army he could control. He disorganized us to keep us busy."

"In the time you've been away Gotham's wounds have surpassed your own."

Selina kyle/Catwoman
"The thrill is addicting isn't it. Although without you here it wasn't fun. Things became... different. I became different."

Marion cottilard:
"I'm here to make sure you don't lose yourself. What you stand for what you are suppose to accomplish."

Juno temple character talking about bane:
"Well word is he controls everything now. He's made the city his prison."

Jgl/ Robin??
"Madness is fascinating thats why I came here. To see if we can control madness."

"I've taken everything from him. His city, his weapons and his destiny. My replacement I replace."

JgL/robin? to Batman.
"I wanted to be what you wanted to be. To see if you were right. It cost lots of money to change who you are but it takes more of your soul. I didn't have much left so I sacrificed state of mind."

Spoiler! Ras alghul! :
"Phoneix's rise from the ashes but you and I are just men."

"I found a friend we traded secrets. He tried to kill me. It's life you gotta grow use to and now Gotham is just like the Asylum."

"You can't sell what people are willing to steal. You know you matter more than you yourself would like to admit. You are hope and that's something that can never be stolen."

"To see people emulating a psychopath trying hard to keep a legacy of death and chaos alive is pure madness

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3rd times the charm? 3rd Rumor of Joseph gordon levitt as Robin in TDKR from SHH ! YES!

Over on SHH a thread was made about a rumor by the user Rayne. Now I know that user and some of the info I used on my Batman Pittsburgh coverage came from him, so in my book he is good stuff. He at no point in the coverage ever said anything as wild as what he did last night.

He hasn't made a comment of any kind since Batman left Pittsburgh, but that all changed when he created a thread so that he could post the info that you see below. SHH shutdown this thread immediately, I'm not sure why.

 and just remember I trust Rayne, . Enjoy!

. I'm simply going to relay the story as it was told to me.

So I started a new job in downtown Pittsburgh on Monday near Smithfield St. For those that know Pittsburgh, they filmed here and on Cherry Way, which I have a view of from my office window. At the corner of Smithfield & the Blvd of the Allies, there is a small comic shop.

I went in for the first time yesterday and started talking to the guy who runs it, and he was telling me about some of the crew who came into the shop. This is what he told me:

He said that a weapons prop crew member was in the shop talking about the filming, and said that ROBIN WAS BEING INTRODUCED IN THIS FILM.


I asked him who he said would be playing him, and he said, "The dark-haired guy from 3rd Rock From the Sun."

That, of course, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I pressed him for more details and he said that Bruce Wayne will "retire" as Batman, and that JGL will take up his cause as Robin. He did not say if this was mid-film (meaning Batman would return, making sense so far from what we know) or if this is how the film would end.

Now, this comic shop manager didn't seem to know much about the filming...he didn't even know who JGL was. I asked him if Robin would be in full costume, and he said that he would be in full costume "in the next film". We know that Nolan doing another Bat-film is pretty much not going to happen. but  he could've easily been confused or mislead (perhaps intentionally). 

That all being said, this would be fairly Nolan-esque; mislead us all about JGL's non-DC character, all the while revamping Robin's origin as a police officer turned vigilante sidekick. Perhaps his parents are killed at the Gotham Rogues game? And this could be why he's seemingly assisting Batman in scenes so far? And perhaps all of the Bane/Catwoman/Batwing leaks are to conceal bigger turns in the story, namely Talia & Ra's & Robin?

Again,  I thought this was info worth sharing!