Sunday, July 1, 2012


got this from my sourec ALClips this is so completely Plausible that it all make sense now but come on Robin without his costume!? and remember theres a scene with Selina and bruce dancing in the ballroom that mirrors batman returns! and there was a pic of Joseph Gordon levitt in a robin costume at the costume party? so is that the throwaway hes going to give us?? he dresses up as Robin only at a costume ball? WTF  NOLAN? anyway  here is the POTENTIALY HUGE BOMSHELL SPOILER INFO Thanx to  AL! "Okay I"m not saying where I got this from. But it's legit, trust me. Apparently the whole Robin/Blake rumor is for real.

Here is how it rolls. Blake was planted into the police force by Bruce after an incident that happened years ago, Bruce took Grayson in. He's not using his real name/ as he is in fact Dick Grayson. Backstory is explained near the end. Now here is the weird part though. He never actually puts on a costume. He's simply an undercover police informant for Bruce. Part of the reason is because Bruce wants to know what the police know about Batman. It's not so much about having Dick as an asset, as it is having him as an informant.(so for one he knows what's going on crimwise, and most importantly he knows where they are in regards to the pursuing of Batman. It's not revealed until the end, but it's hinted at times, most of which is Blakes concern about Bruce. One of trailers involving Selina/Blake hints at this. Now it's starting to make sense for y'all isn't it?

The one thing I never understood when watching the trailers, is how Blake knew to target Selina when she tries to escape via the airport. He knew because Bruce knew(because she stole from Bruce), the police force knew of her, but had no reason to suspect she was with Bane.

Anyways... If you were spoiled sorry,...I warned you.

Also towards the ends it's revealed in a really kick ass way. When Bruce is fighting Bane at town hall, Blake, confronts Talia and along with a few officers attempts to lock her down. She attempts to contact some fo her fellow Leaguers, and he shuts down the communications she is using, by tapping into it via, phone/code. Though the fight with Bane/Batman carries them into the hall regardless. Bruce then instructs Dick/John to go back outside and wait. Blake is also responsible along with Gordon in telling people to take shelter....


  1. Nolan's gonna probably mess Robin up, too with this "realistic" crap, to which I am tired of. Too much realism ruins the good fantasy of the superhero genre.

    1. yeah. i agree. nolan has finally ruined batman and his lore. that is no batman/bruce. that is not bane, it's jinzo from yugioh who will end up in joey wheeler's card deck soon. and that is not catwoman. that is some sexiste bound skank with superb skills who does not have her whip.