Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dark Knight rises dialouge from new unseen trailer ? possible robin to batman dialouge?!

  some new diaolouge from the dark knight rises dialouge has been leaked  from warner bros Dc forums !!and there are MANY spoilers in it!! judge for yourself!! Morgan
"I've seen this man face fear itself, take on the embodiment of madness. Whatever monster could do this to him I fear we have dark time ahead of us."

Commisioner Gordon:
"He didn't unleash an army he could control. He disorganized us to keep us busy."

"In the time you've been away Gotham's wounds have surpassed your own."

Selina kyle/Catwoman
"The thrill is addicting isn't it. Although without you here it wasn't fun. Things became... different. I became different."

Marion cottilard:
"I'm here to make sure you don't lose yourself. What you stand for what you are suppose to accomplish."

Juno temple character talking about bane:
"Well word is he controls everything now. He's made the city his prison."

Jgl/ Robin??
"Madness is fascinating thats why I came here. To see if we can control madness."

"I've taken everything from him. His city, his weapons and his destiny. My replacement I replace."

JgL/robin? to Batman.
"I wanted to be what you wanted to be. To see if you were right. It cost lots of money to change who you are but it takes more of your soul. I didn't have much left so I sacrificed state of mind."

Spoiler! Ras alghul! :
"Phoneix's rise from the ashes but you and I are just men."

"I found a friend we traded secrets. He tried to kill me. It's life you gotta grow use to and now Gotham is just like the Asylum."

"You can't sell what people are willing to steal. You know you matter more than you yourself would like to admit. You are hope and that's something that can never be stolen."

"To see people emulating a psychopath trying hard to keep a legacy of death and chaos alive is pure madness

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