Saturday, January 18, 2014

UPDATE! BATMAN VS SUPERMAN will still be Filming in 2Months! only release date pushed Back!

According to daily superhero report on twitter .shout out to them Batman vs Superman will still proceed to Film in 2 months it will just be the release date that's push back to MAY 6 2016! Here are  his tweets
“@DailySuperHero: To reiterate: My production source says crew for 'Batman vs Superman' told there'll be approx 2 month filming delay. Situation is fluid. @olv” 
“@DailySuperHero: And you can quote me on those last 2 tweets. My production contact has yet to fail me with insider film production info.” @rprez2012: @DailySuperHero @KnightGambit I don't understand how starting production in April as opposed to February should change release date. So it will still be filming soon sadly the wait will still be a while but a while but at least we know the wait before Filming won't be!

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