Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 this is coming from Cosmic Bull crap news so take it with a grain of salt but this does actually sound cool and Plausible! awesome armored Wonderwoman for B VS!

Some details we have been given on the Wonder Woman costume include it will be similar to 300 and Greek Mythology.

The Golden Eagle breast plate is still there as are the bracelets on her wrists as well as the crown with a red torso top, which is more like protective thick leather armor and red knee high boots.

Our DC Entertainment source then said things start to change as he looked at art with about 40 different versions designed all with different bottoms. Some of the designs had the classic pants look, trousers, skirts, everything.

Our DC Entertainment source believes the one chosen is a sort of dark blue skirt with a belt around the top where a sword and lasso hang from. The source also believes Wonder Woman will have a round gold and black shield and possibly a red cape that sits to the right hand side.

We are also told Wonder Woman is definitely not Kryptonian.

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