Monday, February 11, 2013


cosmicbooknews reports that  the will beal script  has NOT been thrown out as badass digest reported. dc source reports that outside writers were asked to  take a look at and review the script.This
 enforced  warner bros decison to go looking at other options. other options meaning, said sources have previously said that beall's script didnt include the superman from man of steel. he was kind of a vauge superman not connected to man of steel continuity. and david goyer had been brought in to rewrite the Superman parts  to make it connected to man of steel continuity and a connected movie shared universe! also  according to the source david goyer doesnt want to write the whole script himself. because he cant get a take on all the characters like he has with batman and superman! like i said befiore we were told" the next couple of weeks would be interesting1" and that warner brothers might start taking pitches from other writers to see what they can offer as well! and according to CBN they have ruled out restarting the jla 2008 movie script (which is a shame in my opinion! a great script)! so according to cbn it seems like they are bringing on writers to work on will bealls script and not tossing  it out in its entirety! and personally  WB you should not leave the fate of justice leauge to depend on man of steel thats unfair and insulting to fans you should just forge ahead regardless! and Fyi wb keep the traditional team of 7 including AQUAMAN WB! Aquaman is at the height of his popularity right now wb! it is completely ASININE! to remove him from the script i dont care what your test marketers say! WB with aquamam just think hercules or  kratos of the seas! and thats how u treat Aquaman!!! and p.s WB you can kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone with this jla movie Why not INtRODUCE ROBIN!  in JLa! even kevin smith said so in his recent smodcast you can just already have robin there with batman No explanation! look at the movie justice leauge new frontier do it like that! then when the batman reboot comes around. no origin needed robin is just already there in the reboot with batman they can show his origin in flashbacks if need be! WB this is a great opportunity to right many wrongs! dont Screw up! and lastly ignore idiot nolanites. they're not real batfans whatsoever! thanks to matt for the heads up! so excited for this film!


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    1. thye can fit 9 characters in lord of the rings 14 characters in the hobbite then they can put AQUAMAN in the movie with other team mebers!!