Tuesday, January 22, 2013


hey Broffers here with some new news from my source  Grayson Drake. and the  big news is  that Batman reboot will most likely be pushed backed to 2017 and that is a great thing imo because  Justice Leauge Movie is now most definitley going to be released first now in summer 2015. grayson also tells me that WB are still aiming to shoot JLA movie this year late 2013. i am told that this is being done as well (pushing reboot to 2017) to disassociate and have a big Gap between the Nolan films. and it makes perfect sense because WB has no plans for any other  movie after MAN OF STEEL but justic Leauge the Script is  basically a done deal folks. their are no fully formed scripts of batman reboot , FLASH. AQUAMAN. WONDERWOMAN  etc. so it aint happening folks JLA is going to be the first out the gate. and i emplore the folks at Warner bros to keep it that way! so  WB dont listen to that OTHER site guy on there is a Tool. the REAL BATMAN FANS( the ones who want to see a batman movie and JLA without the name  Nolan Associated to it) are HAPPY with  JLA Coming out before a BATMAN reboot or any other Solo films! P.S. WB in the next "SOLO" BATMOVIE  ironically no one wanst to see a "Solo" BATMAN again its played out and theres nothing new. wb heres how to go about said batman reboot!  no origin story needed.

1. Batman and company should already be established.
2. Have Dick as Robin. Have him be Robin for two or 3 movies, then have him move on as Nightwing. Bring Tim or Jason in.
3. Have Batman be more acrobatic in his fighting style, as in jumping, flips (not like Robin or Nightwing), just have him more like the comic book.
4.if Joker is in it,  have him with riddler or penguin or someone hes never been comboed with before
5. No scruffy voice.
6. PLEASE be apart of a shared universe


  1. Replies
    1. yup eli jett must be quaking in his cowboy boots right about now! lol

  2. By the time they do this, hopefully, they add more of the elements straight from the comic and keeping true to the comic. Unlike Chris Nolan's version.

    1. Exactly to see the Batman that we always should have seen the COMICBOOK Batman!

  3. The batman that we all know and love, that we're familiar with. The classic batman like in the animated series or from the arkham asylum game.

  4. That's great news, can't wait for 2015 already. I hope they're not going for the realism next Batman as that would be plain repetative and boring. There's room for intelligent writing in any genre or tone.