Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Armie Hammer Rumored For Batman In JUSTICE LEAGUE! again?Awesome!

Armie Hammer was going to be Batman. You see, Hammer was cast as the Caped Crusader in George Miller’s doomed JUSTICE LEAGUE project. That production, which was hated by fans, fell apart because mostly due to the 2007 WGA strike so we never got a chance to see (and mock?) Hammer’s Batman.
This was before America saw THE SOCIAL NETWORK and fell in love with the big, handsome hunk. So what if Hammer was cast as Batman today instead of back in 2007? What would we say now?
That’s the rumor. Moviehole is reporting that Hammer is once again ”back on WB’s radar” to suit up as Bats for the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE film. If the story is indeed true, it’s quite a triumph for Hammer, who had considered his days in the Batsuit numbered. Of course this is all just rumor so it should be taken with a hefty grain of salt.
Now, Moviehole says the Batman in JUSTICE LEAGUE might only be used in JUSTICE LEAGUE, contradicting earlier (more trustworthy) reports that the Dark Knight from the JL film would spin off into his own, new franchise. So did WB have a change of heart or are wires crossed? There isn’t much more information known about the rumor, only that it was from a “very good source”.  It definitely sounds plausible. Obviously they liked Hammer as Batman once, why not again?
Armie Hammer isn’t a bad actor, not by a long shot. We’ve yet to see him sink his teeth into a dark, tortured character like Batman so I have to admit I’m interested. That being said, I’m sure we will be hearing many, many names in the coming weeks and months as Warner Bros gets closer to casting this thing.

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