Tuesday, April 3, 2012


SogunGamer.com have posted a series of images from the canceled "Justice League" video game that was to have been based on the failed George Miller movie of the same name.
Even though pre-production on Miller's film was well underway with costumes, sets, and actors having been finalized, Warner Bros. ultimately axed the project altogether due to budgetary reasons.
The video game based on the film was being developed by Double Helix who were ultimately put in charge of the game based on the 2010 poorly received "Green Lantern" film.
The following images from the "Justice League" video game come from the website of Jonathan Gwyn who served as Art Director and Lead Level Artist on the canceled project.

Images Of Cancelled Justice League MOVIE Game from the George Miller movie Surface!! Honestly this looks better than anything nolan has done!

The video game industry usually has a few major casualties of war in the form of projects that for one reason or another are cancelled. Sometimes budget reasons can be the cause for a project being binned while other times it’s simply because the development studio has issues and the publisher becomes less than confident in the product.  There are likely dozens of cancelled games we know absolutely nothing about but some of the more notable ones we are privy to oddly enough are superhero games.  Licensed games have a well established reputation in the video game industry but the cancelled superhero games we have seen have always looked to be good if not provide something different.  
Today we have another looked at a cancelled superhero game in the form of the Justice League.  The iconic DC superhero crime fighting/galaxy saving group was once set to be a major property for Warner Bros. in the form of a live-action movie helmed by George Miller (Mad Max).  Miller’s Justice League film was well underway in pre-production with costumes, sets, and actors being finalized (Armie Hammer was set to play Batman), but the project was given the boot by WB over budgetary concerns. (or NOLANS idiot self) 
Besides never seeing George Miller’s version of the Justice League and superheroes such as Wonder Woman and The Flash, we would never see The Justice League video game that developer Double Helix was working on – at least not until today.  The ever knowledgeable Superannuation chap has come across our first major set of images from the cancelled Justice League video game. Originally set to be an adaptation of the film, the game reportedly continued development as its own entity until WB ultimately gave that project the cancellation stamp and put Double Helix in charge of the ill-fated Green Lantern video game.


  1. Very sad! :( I always wanted a JL movie! Fucking hate you jack shit chris nolan!

    1. agreed1989batman wtf nolan is a moron now Dc will look like they are piggybacking off marvel when their jla script was done first! hope this movie comes out someday!